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Policy Team

Kimani Black

Chief of Staff
Andrew Westall

Chief Deputy
Hakeem Parke-Davis

Deputy for Planning
Alex Morales

Policy Deputy
Emily Adsit

Director of Research

Communications Team

Devyn Bakewell

Director of Communications

Constituent Services and Civic Engagement

Mayra Guevara

Deputy of Constituent Services (West Area)
Terrence Gomes

Deputy of Constituent Services (West Area)
Alan Antonio

Deputy for Constituent Services (Koreatown)
Jungmin Lee

Deputy of Constituent Services (Koreatown)
Danielle Mero

Deputy for Constituent Services (Mid-City)
Jonathan Mitchell

Deputy of Constituent Services (South-West Area)
Eric Aguiar

Deputy of Constituent Services (South-East Area)
Frank Oliver

Ecumenical Liaison
Robert Pullen-Miles

Deputy for Senior Services
Roger Estrada

Homeless Liaison
Sedric Phillips

Rapid Response Team Member
Carl Young

Rapid Response Team Member

Administrative Team

Kimberly Valentine

Executive Assistant
Margarita Younkins

Office Manager
Andrea Solomon

Administrative Assistant (Pico Office)
Ricardo Carloss

Special Assistant