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Sola Bio Innovation Students in a lab

Equity comes from the idea of moral equality. The idea that in the design of policy and programs, while we are all created equal, understanding the context of history that has contributed to a community’s struggles is instrumental in building a future worthy of their courage and their ambitions. It means actively working to counteract policies that were put into place and led to centuries of unchecked structural discrimination.

Access to opportunity is central to a vision for advancing an equitable system and establishing an antiracist Los Angeles. This agenda is centered on the actions and outcomes that will produce real systemic change, improved educational outcomes, increased housing and housing stability, meaningful employment opportunities and an equitable and fair criminal justice system. Our work is to challenge vested interests, speak for people who are historically excluded and ignored systematically in making policy and in turn inspire Los Angeles to set the national standard and become a leader on dismantling racism, gender inequity, and other forms of structural discrimination.