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Mobile Clinic For The Unhoused on The Move

Posted on 10/20/2022
Mobil Clinic

One of the greatest priorities in CD10 is ensuring we provide housing for our unhoused neighbors. As our office continues to stay committed to our Services First approach making sure our unhoused residents are on a path to being housed safely and healthy, we continue to engage with the outreach teams, and service providers to identify what tools and resources are necessary to achieve this. 


Recently, our office has teamed up with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services for the launch of their mobile clinic program. This program is dedicated to providing a range of onsite medical medical services and care that its clinicians can immediately offer to unhoused people.

The big blue trucks, each equipped with a pair of private examination rooms, boast a range of services that can be difficult or impossible to perform on a sidewalk or inside a tent.

The rolling clinics can provide primary and urgent care, including ultrasounds and electrocardiograms; psychiatric care and substance use treatment, including medications to ease addiction; and gynecological care such as Pap smears, among other services. The mobile clinics can also connect patients with social workers and financial screeners to enroll them in programs.

Beginning this fall, the county will plan to have vans regularly stationed at the clinics at spots close to homeless encampments and short on medical services.

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