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Updates in Leimert Park Village!

Posted on 02/01/2022
Leimert Park Village

As part of efforts to upgrade the local infrastructure in Leimert Park Village so that pedestrian safety and accessibility are increased, storm water drainage is better captured, and artistic and cultural elements along Degnan Blvd and 43rd Place return to their former glory, long-awaited improvements are coming to the Village.  

In the immediate short-term, residents can expect to see:

1. Improved Streets

Heavy traffic and the passage of time have taken their toll on the village. Settlement, especially over the years, has deteriorated the condition of the roads.  Degnan Blvd and 43rd Place will be repaired, repaved and restriped to account for years of wear and tear and deferred maintenance.

2. Sidewalks

Navigating aged sidewalks is a challenge for many residents and visitors. Narrow paths, heavy cracks and steep uplifts caused by tree roots have created hazards for many pedestrians—especially for those who rely on wheelchairs and other mobility assistance to get around.  Along Degnan Blvd and 43rd Place, existing sidewalks will be rebuilt to expand walking areas so that they are ADA compliant and level, and new curb ramps and gutters will also be installed. 

3. Tree Maintenance

Trees help to improve air quality, provide shade, reduce energy used indoors, and absorb greenhouse gases that cause climate change. To achieve these benefits, we need to ensure our trees are properly maintained.  Leimert Park Village is home to dozens of old growth trees that are in need of maintenance. NO TREES WILL BE REMOVED, but they will be trimmed and cared for so that they are healthy and can continue to provide shade and enhance the aesthetics of the village.

4. Design Refresh

As the cultural capital of South LA, Leimert Park Village is where visitors come to experience and explore the arts.  As such, parking signs, sidewalk plaques, street banners, crosswalks, and other street elements will be updated to form a cohesive narrative and keep the story of Leimert Park alive.  The Vision Theater’s Front Plaza, also known as People’s Street, will also be updated with a cultural expression of Pan-African Diasporic virtue.