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CD10 Provides Relief For Families Experiencing Hardship Through BIG:LEAP Program

Posted on 08/23/2022

Poverty affects 2 out of every 10 residents in the City of Los Angeles — most of them people of color and covid-19 has only exacerbated the issue. During the course of the pandemic, there have  been mass layoffs, cost of living increases, and financial hardships in households across Los Angeles. Despite significant progress, the pathway towards economic recovery has still been difficult for the City’s most vulnerable families, particularly within communities of color. To help ease those burdens and create financial security, the office of Council District 10 has partnered with the City of Los Angeles to provide over $400,000 in funds directly to residents through the Big Leap Program.


The Big Leap program has helped ease concerns and transform lives of hundreds of Angelinos and families who have struggled to get by. This month we highlighted two individuals in our district who were impacted by the program, watch as they tell their story.

BIG:LEAP from Council District 10 on Vimeo.